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Smart Meter Dashboard

This project is still a work in progress. This page will be updated as more details are posted.

While browsing around some older posts on Hackaday, I came across a post about reading the broadcasted data from smart meters using a software defined radio (SDR). It got me wondering if my apartment’s meter broadcasted similar data. I knew that nobody physically checked the meter each month, so there had to be some kind of remote reporting capability. A few google searches later I found a timeline for my local power company’s installation of smart meters in the area, which roughly matched up with the date of the Hackaday article. On the off chance that the software would work with with my meter, I ordered a RTL-SDR supported tuner (a NooElec NESDR Nano 2+). A couple days later I had a successful test and a new project to try.

I’m wanting to make a dashboard to display a few stats to help track (and maybe reduce) my home power usage:

Hardware Used

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